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Entry #31

I Have a Task

2014-02-16 07:06:41 by WeHaveFreshCookies

As you are probably aware, I left quietly some years ago, only returning on small, rare occassions. I'm curious though. How much was I missed? How many threads were made in my honour? Link them all here. Any threads about ME in the past two or three years. Put. Them. Here. 



P.S. The new layout for typing crap is cool. I like it. Very fancy. *thumbs up*



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2014-02-16 07:54:02

Truth be told, I can't recall any threads that were made about you. You were mentioned as candidate for the "I miss you" BBS award, though. I think you pretty much left when I became active, so we never interacted much.

Welcome back!

WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

I didn't win? God dammit NG, I was the best. I'm not really "back", though.


2014-02-26 15:32:51

I remember the WeHaveFreshCookies chap! There was some thread a long while back about voting you for modship or something like that..

But hey, it's cool to see that you're.. somewhat back? How goes the college thing?

WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

Don't remember that thread. College is going well. I'm in my graduate program now.


2014-04-21 23:09:39

Well, I just stumbled upon your page when I realized I hadn't read a post by you in ages.


2015-01-18 07:01:36

happy birthday