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Madness: Will It Slice? Madness: Will It Slice?

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Make the laser WORK. Sometimes, I fire, and nothing happens. Other times, I decapitate a zombie, and it still hits me. The zombies and I move at the same speed, and my laser can only slice through one at a time. These things combined make it not at all fun to play. I do like the music though.

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The Lance! The Lance!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It started out great, but as I progressed, I found myself getting really bored. I wasn't having fun. I was just mindlessly clicking to get a few medals. I also really didn't like that I was forced to continue purchasing new equipment to keep leveling up. I found that unfair, as it made saving up for the best horse a very time consuming task. One that I couldn't devote myself to.

The graphics and sound and concept were all solid. It just didn't deliver on the "fun" aspect, which is what games are all about.

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Cute Critter Carnage Cute Critter Carnage

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hit Detection Ruined It.

Even with a mouse, this would have been tricky. But using a trackpad, it's impossible. I quit after two tries, because I couldn't pass that first level. The graphics and concept are nice enough, and the music works, although it could get annoying after a few minutes. But the hit detection makes it so frustrating, I just can't play. Make the hit box cover the entire animal, and your score would improve a TON.

ForNoReason responds:

Try again. Thanks for the good review.

Goin Up Goin Up

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


At the beginning, I really wasn't a big fan of this game. But when I kept playing for the medals, I got much better, and I now really enjoy it. The learning curve might be a tiny bit steep, but if people are chasing medals, then it shouldn't be too big of a problem. I love the graphics and the sound as well. It's a great game, with a steep learning curve, but still entirely accessible and fun.

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Tomb Defender Tomb Defender

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It seemed like it would have been fun. But the lag made it far too difficult and frustration for me to continue playing. The sound effects and music were well done, and the special attacks were nice. But the gameplay, due to the terrible lag, wasn't at all enjoyable. Perhaps give a quality button that lets us tone down the graphics enough for us to enjoy the actual game.

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Super Mario Goomba Mode Super Mario Goomba Mode

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great, Simple Game

A wonderful take on everybody's favourite video game. It was a challenge to play, but I still had fun. The sound track was great, with all the classic Mario sounds and background music. The score ranking system was a nice touch as well.

Wonderful game, sir.

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9/11 Simulator 9/11 Simulator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this game.

If you can't laugh at tragedy, then I suppose you can enjoy wallowing in your own misery.

The game itself is good. Challenging, but not so frustrating that I give up without every single medal. It wasn't revolutionary, but it was fun and entertaining. When you get to NYC, the buildings are strangely coloured. That's my only complaint really, and it's not a big deal. I wish they would have been a repeating image of the New York skyline. That might have been a bit much work for a simple game like this though.

I noticed that the missiles spawn at random, and don't follow you, which makes it a little easy to cheat, by staying just below the bottom of the screen, and only moving down or up when a missile is directly in your path. That's how I ended up beating it.

Good game, Kevin. =)

Kevin responds:

Love you man <3333 ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great, challenging fun.

I love this concept. It's very unique and well executed. The feel of an old style arcade game is certainly here, but it isn't so simple that I get bored. The challenge is certainly here as well. I died at difficulty 8 on my first go round. So there's certainly a learning curve here.

The music is perfect as well. It doesn't get annoying when you've been playing for 10 minutes, which is great, and leads to my next point. I've been playing for a while now. And I'm not tired of it. Awesome.

My only complaint is that my mouse sometimes goes off-screen on some of the more intense levels. Maybe this is a laptop exclusive problem, but I wish the game would pause when that happens.

HybridMind responds:

Hey thanks for leaving your thoughts and review! Glad you are finding it increasingly fun as you play and get better. I have also found it to have a fun and rewarding learning curve as well. It is also nice to hear that you like the music and have not found it to get old yet. I also allow a music only mute button for players who want to jam to their own tunes too!

As far as screen edges issues go well there actually isn't a lot I can do. It is far to jarring to pause the game if the mouse hits the edge because it happens a lot and would lead to an equally frustrating experience for the player. Since this game is a mouse skills type game at heart avoiding the screen edges as well as the obstacles are all part of the challenge. Sorry I don't have a better solution. Flash games often have issues with game screen edges because the flash player doesn't allow us to lock the mouse. Thanks again for playing!

Letz Maek A Flash Gaem Letz Maek A Flash Gaem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I had fun

The medals work and I got to spam my keyboard. Thumbs up, you bastard. <3

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Manly-Chicken responds:

Wait... the medals aren't working for me...

Battle Formation Battle Formation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done

A good strategy game, with nice looking animations and a chess-like feel. The music fits well, but doesn't sound very high in quality. Also, I would suggest having all of your troops move at one time when they aren't attacking. It wouldn't change gameplay, and would make it move along a bit faster.